PS5 pre-order links and price reveal rumored for Wednesday

Just days after Nintendo celebrated its 35th anniversary of Super Mario, will Sony commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Playstation 1 launch in the United States with a major Playstation 5 showcase?

WhatHiFi first reported on a Reddit post referencing a supposedly "official" leak on 4Chan, claiming that Sony would host a major reveal on September 9, 2020. If the leak can be believed, Sony will finally open up pre-order links, reveal the PS5's price and release date, show off the console's UI and new features, and more.

Along with the PS5 news, the (alleged) showcase will also have new gameplay footage from previously announced titles like Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West, Ratchet and Clank and Call of Duty: Cold War. For Call of Duty specifically, the event would show the first footage of its new multiplayer mode.

The 4Chan leak also asserts that 30 other games will be announced, such as "multiplayer titles and timed exclusives". Unless this event is about 4 hours long, maybe some of these games would be shown in a clip montage rather than given an in-depth look.

How credible is this leak?

Rumors about the PS5's price or release date are a dime a dozen, and we've seen plenty of "credible" rumors turn out to be bunk.

One Twitter rumor suggested that PS5 pre-orders would absolutely open in March. That obviously didn't happen. Meanwhile, we've reported on several instances of leaked PS5 prices, including on Amazon and a French retailer that all turned out to be fakes.

Should we believe this source to be true? That depends on whether Sony, a Japanese company, considers such a US-centric landmark important enough for a global reveal of information it has kept hidden for months.

On the other hand, if the latest release date rumor that the PS5 will launch after the Xbox Series X in mid-November is true, Sony will need to finally give us official launch details fairly soon.

What do we actually know about the PS5's price and pre-orders? For a start, pre-orders are expected to be very limited, so you may want to stay by your computer on Wednesday in case Sony does pull off a surprise reveal. On the other hand, Sony hopes you won't need a pre-order to buy a PS5 at launch, so don't fret if initial pre-orders sell out fast.

Sony says it will "emphasize value as opposed to price" when deciding the official cost, and will sell the digital-only console at a lower list price than the disc version.

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